Hualong Xunda Inc. builds digital twin factory and operation & maintenance center for China Resources Pharmaceutical Group via JIC digital twin platform to realize the transparency in the whole process of production and management. Simultaneously, it also achieves the simulation on equipments and techs on product lines, builds system for virtual training, production Kanban, lifecycle management, is with function of video monitoring, combines with related requirements for management and business to form digital twin factory which truely reflects the actual production of the group to reduce operation cost.

Digital Twin Plants

JIC Digital Twin platform can construct virtual plants, reflect production state of real plants via real-time and dynamic 3D scenarios to provide whole-process, total-factor online collaboration management platform.

MES System

Hualong Xunda MES System establishes an unified information file for the production data of plants, realizes the on-site integrated control of plants, enhances the management ability of plants, optimizes the production configuration, and strengthens the management on plant systems.

Batch Processing Platform

Hualong Xunda Batch Processing Platform gives full play to process engineers' abilities to quickly modify formulas and to create new formulas, to realize collinear production of multiple products and multiple batches, as well as review for the safety of systems.

The Development Opportunity for Biomedicine Industry

Under the background of the pandemic, important development opportunity for biomedicine industry is coming. As one of high-tech industries that China mainly focuses on, biomedicine industry plays a more important role under the unprecedented attention from our country to it. It continuously tends to increase in sales and in product profits. In the future, with the deepening in aging of population of our country, people are attaching more importance to healthy life. In the meantime, with the increasing in demands of markets, biomedicine industry will keep getting attention from capital markets to usher its golden development period. 

The Quality Specifications of GMP Medicines

With the global biomedicine industry to enter into the quick development period, the concentration rate of the biomedicine industry will also continue to increase, and the competition among enterprises will be fiercer. For enterprises, the key points they focus on most are how to keep innovation capacity on core techs, how to meet requirements for production compliance, to establish management rules for production quality of GMP medicines, to keep the stability of medicines' quality.


Via on-site touch screen, devices can be controlled, instructions being delivered,
and on-site control on devices being realized.
The maintenance rate raised by 15%.
The inventory of spare parts increased by 10%.
The amount of maintenance wokers reduced by 5%.
The management costs reduced by 20%

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