Solution for Digital Twin City

Hualong Xunda Inc. facilitates the smart construction of cities by utilizing Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, AI and new-generation information tech.



Trends of The Industry

Smart City is a development model of cities integrating with comprehensive planning for city development, management on the operation of cities, economic and social development of cities, new-generation information tech. It is an inevitable choice to promote scientific development, spanning development, harmonious development, and it is the leading strategic position to improve comprehensive competitiveness and international impact of modern cities.

 With the continuous proceeding of urbanization, cities have gradually become the center of world stage. Problems and challenges that large cities are faced with are increasingly prominent. Challenges such as environmental pollution, traffic jam, energy shortage and so on constantly challenge constructors of cities, sustainable development and governing becoming the core topic. In recent years, many cities in China have started pilot trial work about smart cities, which effectively improves the level of public services and management capacity, promotes the economic development of cities.

According to Guide on Spendings of Global Smart City published by IDC, the spendings on related tech of 2020 global smart cities reached 124 billions of dollars, increased by 18.9% compared with that of 2019, in which the spending of China markets reached 26.6 billions of dollars, ranking second in the world.


Smart Transportation

JIC Digital Twin platform can build real-time, accurate, high-efficiency enterprise-level comprehensive platform for operation & maintenance and management of smart buses to realize the monitoring on the operation state of buses and visualized scheduling, to provide new solution on smart operation & maintenance and management for clients.

Smart Security and Protection

JIC can provide cloud storage, processing of big data, edge computing, smart recognition on algorithm, console control, system docking and other solutions about softwares and hardwares to realize smart management on safety and protection.

Smart Power

Via online measurement on data, the acquisition on historical operation data of power system, by integrating with electricity, computer, communication, climate, economy, JIC Digital Twin constructs Digital Twin of smart grid to reflect the full lifecycle of smart electricity.

Smart Buildings

Hualong Xunda Inc. comprehensively deals with information silo phenomenon and realizes the transformation from the digitalized management to the smart management via IoT, big data, GIS, BIM, 3D modeling, AirSharing and other high techs.

Smart Factories

Via JIC Digital Twin platforms, the Digital Twin of plants, product lines, factories is constructed to facilitate smart manufacturing, to improve product quality, to reduce costs, and to increase efficiency.  

Smart Community

JIC establishes the smart management platform via smart software algorithm, AI system.


  Advantages of Solutions

Accurate and Real-time Data Acquisition to Reflect the Essence of Production

JIC DAS provides accurate and real-time data acquisition to realize the cleaning, storage and monitoring of data in smart cities, and to achieve the digitalized management on assets to reduce the costs of operation.

Abundant Mechanism Model Simulation to Shorten the Period of Construction

Massive mechanism models are accumulated on JIC Industrial Internet platform, which can be used to construct smart cities, to reduce the workloads of design, to improve the design efficiency, to shorten construction cycle, to reduce construction costs.

Digital Twin Based on Industrial Internet Enables the Cross-Departments Collaboration

Hualong Xunda Inc. can provide management platform for online collaboration by building Digital Twin based on industrial internet to realize management system of different departments.

Innovative Digitalized Platform to Facilitate the Innovation on Management    

Hualong cloud provides digitalized platforms, as well as services on stable data storage and big data processing. Via digitalized toolsets, refined management on smart cities is promoted, the difficulties and costs on management being reduced, innovation on management being realized.

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