JIC MAP Features

Contacts Management    Contacts

JIC MAP realizes the connection of contacts, development and management of mobile application platform. Management on contacts can achieve:

○    Powerful function on contacts fusion.

○  Fusion with persons on the contacts of Dingding and enterprise-version WeChat.


○   Support input and output and other operations.

JIC MAP is with powerful management capacity on an organization, can be freely connected with the existing personnel system of the organization to automatically import members within the organization. In the meantime, it is also with the function of flexible sorting on departments or personnel and the management capability on access to accounts.

Process Management

According to demands:

○    Create lists

○   Dynamically set the circulated rule flow.

○   Operation access


Making processes transparent, optimized and standardized, solidifying optimal practice experience to promote cross-functional team cooperation, to improve efficiency and control  risk as well as to improve the fineness, transparency, reliability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, speed and efficiency of process management.

Management on Application      Application Management  

Self-create application

○    Development 

○    Full lifecycle management on online and offline application.

○    Tests

Enterprises' internal management applications can be safely and effectively managed, and Andriod, IOS, H5, applet and other platforms or interfaces can be connected. The construction of applications can be promptly and efficiently finished via SDK provided by JIC manufacturing. Safe and high-efficiency management can be conducted by configurating visible ranges and administrators.


Information Fusion

Able to make a fusion with enterprise-version WeChat or Dingding;
Synchronize related information of persons in contacts in real time;
Enlarge the information fusion via the third-party entrance.


Authorization Management

Authorization assignment according to businesses;
Dual identification on key information of administrators;
Firewall to protect the safety of data on the backstage.

System Management

Identify information of users;
Management on application types according to categories;
Presentation management on enterprises' information public to externals.

Why to Choose JIC MAP?